Your home is full of things waiting to be steamed.

To most people, a steamer is a new gadget, perhaps a substitution for the iron and a simple way of keeping clothes smooth and beautiful. In this section we will list a number of bonus tips and tricks that a regular clothing steamer is capable of.

 Steamer Cirrus No.2, pink


At Home

The hot steam (97–99°C) from a steamer reduces odors and eliminates a lot of bacteria. Make a habit of steaming all your home textiles once in a while!

Also, did you know that a steamer works as a steam-cleaner too? Use it to kill bacteria when cleaning the stove, kitchen- or bathroom tile, doorknobs etc.


8 out of Many Clever Things

Carpets – Save money and the environment by steaming your rugs rather than taking them to the dry-cleaners.

 Steamer Cirrus No.2, black

Curtains – Use an extension cord and get up on a latter while pressing and cleaning curtains, without even taking them down.

Couches and armchairs – Yes! How often do you wash the sofa?!

 Steamer Cirrus No.2, pink

Blankets – Bring back the luster and make them fresh.

Pillows – Make sure to let the pillows dry.

 Steamer Cirrus No.2, black

Ovens and stoves – When was the last time you bacteria proofed the outside of a stove?

Tile – Deep cleanse your kitchen or bathroom tiles. Start by whipping off excessive dirt and then browse the required areas with the steamer.

 Steamer Cirrus No.2, mint

Matrasses – Some parts of a bed are very hard to clean. Use the steamer to kill bacteria!

These are just a few examples of how a steamer can be used. Do not steam wood and leather, but apart from that, use your imagination. Happy steaming!

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